Red River College Degree Completion (RRC 2+2)

Red River College Degree Completion (RRC 2+2)

The Booth University College School of Business and Red River College of Applied Arts and Technology have established a Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program.

  • To be admitted into this program, students are required to complete Red River College’s two year Diploma in Business Administration with a grade point average of C or better (2.0).
  • Upon acceptance to the Booth University College Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program, students will be awarded a block of transfer credits totaling 60 credit hours.
  • In order to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration at Booth University College, students must complete the following 60 credit hours:
    Business Administration Area Booth Core Component
    BUS 221 Finance Essentials (3)
    BUS 260 Production Operations (3)
    BUS 319 Fraud Examination (3)
    BUS 330 Public Relations (3)
    BUS 392 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (3)
    3 – 3rd year Business Electives (9)
    3 – 4th year Business Electives (9)
    Total Business credit hours 33
    REL 100 Introduction to Christianity (6)
    REL 270 World Religions (3)
    REL course at the 200 level in the Christian tradition (3)
    Science elective (AST, BIO, MAT) (3)
    Selections from other core areas
    (ENG, FLM, PHI, PSY, SOC) (12)
    Total Core Components credit hours 27


Graduation from this program requires a student to achieve a passing grade or higher in all courses required, a 2.0 or higher in all business designated courses and an overall cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 or higher.