About Booth UC

About Booth UC

It’s my privilege to serve as the President of Booth University College. Booth has been part of my life since it opened in 1982 when I came as a young professor to a fledgling institution. Those were heady days when the opportunities to shape a College were exciting.

But I think that those early days, as exciting as they were, cannot begin to compare with what is happening at Booth University College today. Booth is a growing Christian university college with a commitment to offer a range of academic programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference.

We are making the Booth experience a life-transforming blend of rigorous academic study, deep Christian faith, exciting co-curricular opportunities, and service in the community. We want our students to be engaged—in the shaping of their minds, in the molding of their hearts, and in the transformation of the world. We want to help our students to think deeply in a world that reduces complex issues to trite slogans; to believe intensely in a world that longs for something in which to believe; to become agents of hope in a world too often filled with despair; to promote social justice in a world where too many live in poverty or on the periphery of society; and to proclaim mercy in a world that too often is driven by a desire for revenge.

I want to invite you to join us in this grand endeavour. Whether as a student, a parent, or a donor, you can become a part of Booth University College.

With Best Wishes,

Donald E Burke, PhD

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