Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

*The BBA is a four-year degree program (120 credit hours)

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“Our program offers an effective, practical and thorough business education. A Booth UC business degree will expand your career opportunities and empower you to do more than you ever imagined! Come and join us and start building a path to an exciting career!”

– Angela Davis – CPA, CA, CFCS, CFE, MSc, Business Administration Program Head

Why Earn a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration?

Invest in your future. Given today’s complex international business world there is a strong demand for skilled, knowledgeable, ethical and engaged global business professionals who have the ability to assess and take reasonable risks.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program at Booth University College will prepare you to enter this complex, changing, global business world with the critical thinking skills and practical business knowledge that opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

Our rigorous business bachelor degree program focuses on establishing competence in six key areas of business:

1. Marketing
2. Accounting
3. Finance
4. Organizational Behaviour
5. Production operations
6. Human Resource Management

With a special emphasis on courses examining such issues as fraud, ethics, and social responsibility in business, you’ll also develop specialized knowledge and skills that will give you an edge in today’s job market.

Our graduates will not only have a strong business foundation but also a broad exposure to the arts and sciences in the core curriculum – studying a variety of sciences and humanities.

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