Trouble Accessing off campus

Trouble Accessing off campus

Students please note: Whenever you get a new student ID, you need to stop at the library to have your new barcode entered into the system. The proxy server lists your old barcode until you make this change. You will be able to access the proxy server via your new barcode on the day following the circulation system switch.

Most databases require login and are only available to current BoothUC & CFOT students and staff. These are marked by this symbol .

How to Login

  1. When you search Articles& Databases from our website, you will see a list of free and subscription databases on various academic topics.
  2. The subscription databases are only available to current students and staff of BoothUC and CFOT.
  3. If you click on a database and are redirected to the page below, you need to enter your Student barcode and Password
  4. Where can you find these? The student barcode is 14 digits long and found on your student/library card
  5. Your password is the same one that you use for your Library account. If you do not have a password, go to password creation for instructions on creating one.
  6. Enter your password and number (twice if the system prompts you again).
  7. You will now be redirected to the database you chose or a page that lets you choose from a short list of Ebsco or Proquest options available .
  8. The FIREFOX and or SAFARI Browsers may give you a certificate error. When you get this error screen click the “ADD EXCEPTION” link, then the “ADD EXCEPTION”, then “GET CERTIFICATE”, then “ADD EXCEPTION”, to allow FIREFOX to ignore the error and accept the certificate. As an alternate solution to this problem use Internet Exporer.

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, please call the Library at 204-924-4858, or email. We will delete your old password from the system. Once this is done, you can then create a new password using the instructions below.

Password Creation

If you have never had a password before or have had your old one deleted by library staff, here is how you can create one:

  1. From our homepage http://www.boothuc.ca/library/, click on My Library Account in the menu or go directly to http://mercury.uwinnipeg.ca/patroninfo~S6
  2. In the barcode box enter your 14 digit barcode number found on the front of your student card. Leave the PIN (password) box empty.
  3. Click on ‘Submit’. The system will now prompt you to create a password. Do NOT use ANY upper case characters or symbols — lower case a-z and 0-9 only.
  4. IMPORTANT: Close your browser and wait 15 minutes before trying to login to a database. This gives the system time to register your new password and clears any recent unsuccessful login attempts.