Application for Admission

Application for Admission

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Student Services assists with confidential academic accommodation and support plans for students who identify themselves as having a learning disability. If this applies to you, please check YES. Student Services will contact you about the supports available. For more information call 204-924-4876 OR 877-942-6684 FREE extension 876 (toll-free) or send an email to
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By declaring your status, you will help in the development of new services and events for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students)
Admissions Information
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English Proficiency

Applicants whose primary language is not English must provide verification of proficiency in the use of English by providing (TOEFL) or equivalent testing. Official test results must be forwarded to Booth University College. (Please see for more details. Booth University College's code is 7951). If you have written or are planning to write the TOEFL test, enter the date and test score below.
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How did you hear about Booth University College? Bus AdRadio AdParents / Family / FriendsCareer SymposiumIn the NewsOn Campus EventBillboardPastor / Clergy / ChurchStudentWeb SearchYouth Councils (Youth Together)AlumniFaculty / StaffAgentOther
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Tell us about yourself such as volunteer work, interests, etc.
Campus Life
If you intend to live on campus then you must also submit the Housing Form at the same time as this form.
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What opportunities would you like to be involved in at Booth University College?:* Student Recruiter (Ambassador)Urban MissionSpiritual Life TeamStudent GovernmentEducational TravelIntramurals / RecreationTheatre ArtsWorship ArtsNone
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Booth University College is a Christian University College, owned and operated by The Salvation Army. As such, its ethos is shaped by its Christian heritage and identity. Students applying for admission to Booth University College should understand that as a Christian University College we expect our students to comply with the faith and lifestyle standards of the University College. These faith and lifestyle standards are enumerated in our Student Handbook ( By signing this application you are confirming that you have read the Student Handbook and agree to abide by its policies and standards.

I hereby apply for admission to Booth University College and certify that the statements contained herein are true and complete. I understand that all parts of my Application for Admission become the property of the University College once submitted and will not be returned to me. I authorize Booth University College to verify all information submitted with my Application for Admission (including transcripts and information submitted by my designate).

I understand that misrepresentation, falsified documents, or the withholding of requested information with respect to this application may result in the cancellation of my acceptance and enrollment, or dismissal from the University College.

I accept that any information on falsified documents may be shared with the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada. I give permission to Booth University College to use any photograph or video footage I am in for promotional purposes.

I authorize my high school/university to release my academic record(s) should the need arise to accelerate the processing of my application.

The personal information collected will be used for admission and enrollment purposes at Booth University College and Heartland International English School (if applicable) and may be used for determining eligibility for student awards. Information regarding graduation and awards may be made public. This information will be used in discussions with agents and for statistical reporting as required of the University College by accrediting and government agencies. If you have any concerns, wish to opt out, or for more information on our Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer at, call 204.947.6701, or visit our website

By submitting this application form I am agreeing to receive print and electronic communications from Booth University College.

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