Master of Theological Studies (MTS) – Salvation Army Studies

Master of Theological Studies (MTS) – Salvation Army Studies

Offered in Collaboration with Tyndale University College and Seminary

Booth University College, through its School for Continuing Studies, and Tyndale University College and Seminary have partnered in the offering of a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) Degree in Salvation Army Studies. This Tyndale-based graduate degree is accredited with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in the United States and Canada. The widely-recognized accreditation status facilitates eligible graduates in pursuing advanced degrees as well as transferring courses to other seminaries in North America. Graduates will receive their degree from Tyndale and a Certificate of Expertise in Salvation Army Studies from Booth University College.

The MTS can be taken completely online, however, courses will be offered in a variety of delivery formats to enhance accessibility and flexibility. Residential courses will also be offered at Booth University College in Winnipeg, at Tyndale in Toronto, and possibly at other locations.

Salvation Army Specialization

This unique degree, jointly designed by Booth University College and Tyndale Seminary, is a specialized, contextualized graduate theological degree. It is the only graduate theological program in the world to offer a specialization in Salvation Army studies.

The Salvation Army specialized courses, designed and delivered by Booth UC’s School for Continuing Studies faculty, are rooted in the Army’s 150-year history of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in society. Scholars and practitioners from the Salvation Army tradition will guide your studies in the history and theology of The Salvation Army and its Wesleyan heritage. Gain a deeper understanding of The Salvation Army within the broader church while you analyze social and moral issues and explore the global mission of the Army in today’s world.

Degree Requirements – 18 Courses Required

Master of Theological Studies in Salvation Army Studies

Program Requirements: 18 Courses Required
(Course numbers are Tyndale course codes)

  • Bible, Theology and History Courses (7)*
    • BIBL 0501 Biblical Interpretation
    • HIST 0561 History of Christianity I
    • HIST 0562 History of Christianity II
    • NEWT 0522 New Testament Theology and History
    • OLDT 0511 Old Testament Theology and History
    • THEO 0531 Systematic Theology I
    • THEO 0532 Systematic Theology II
  • Formation Courses (3)*
    • LEAD 0510 Leadership Development
    • MISS 0782 Gospel, Church and Culture
    • SPIR 0700 Spiritual Formation
  • Salvation Army Studies Core Courses (6 of the following)
    • SALV 0501 Agents of Change in the Salvation Army
    • SALV 0502 Salvation Army Missiology
    • SALV 0503 The Salvation Army and Ethical Issues
    • SALV 0504 The Salvation Army and the Bible
    • SALV 0505 The Wesleyan Heritage of the Salvation Army
    • SALV 0570 Directed Reading and Research
    • SALV 0670 Topics in Salvation Army History
    • SALV 0671 Topics in Salvation Army Theology
    • SALV 0799 Salvation Army Studies Thesis
  • Free Elective Courses (2)

*Courses in these categories are already part of Tyndale’s regular curricular offerings


For more information on the Salvation Army Studies core courses, please contact the School for Continuing Studies’ program coordinator, Michael Glowasky.

For further information on the admission and program requirements, prospective students may visit the MTS – Salvation Army Studies program page on Tyndale Seminary’s website.