Bachelor of Arts (General) – Biblical and Theological Studies

Bachelor of Arts (General) – Biblical and Theological Studies

College for Officer Training (CFOT) Integrated Program, Canada and Bermuda Territory

*Three-Year Degree program (100 credit hours)

This integrated program is offered in cooperation with The Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training (CFOT). During the portion of the program that is taken at CFOT, students prepare for Commissioning and Ordination as Salvation Army Officers. After the completion of the CFOT component of the program, students finish their bachelor degree requirements directly with Booth University College. The bachelor degree program prepares students for Salvation Army officership by providing them with foundational knowledge in Biblical and Theological studies, an understanding of the contemporary world, and the ministry skills necessary for their work as Salvation Army Officers.

Learning Objectives

In addition to the Institutional Learning Outcomes, on successful completion of this bachelor degree program, it is expected that students will:

  1. Have a sound knowledge of the Biblical and Theological basis for their Christian faith, including the Wesleyan Theological tradition;
  2. Have a better understanding of the context in which they minister;
  3. Have broadened and strengthened their ministry skills;
  4. Have the skills necessary for ongoing study and research in order to continue to be informed Christian leaders in a changing world;
  5. Be developing a Christian worldview which will enable them to live as Christian witnesses and to serve as Christian leaders in society.

Program Admission and Continuance Criteria

This bachelor degree program is only open to Salvation Army cadets and officers in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. Admission to the bachelor degree program is restricted to those who have been accepted by The Salvation Army in the Canada and Bermuda Territories as cadets. While the completion of the bachelor degree requirements is the primary concern of Booth University College, The Salvation Army alone makes decisions about the suitability of a cadet for commissioning and ordination. If a student ceases to be a cadet for Salvation Army officership, that student will not be allowed to continue in this bachelor degree program. However, with the permission of the Academic Dean, the student may be allowed to transfer into another bachelor degree program offered by Booth University College.

Program Requirements

Students complete a total of 100 credit hours in this bachelor degree program with two major components: 73 credit hours completed during Officer training at CFOT and 27 credit hours post CFOT at Booth University College. Prior to attending CFOT candidates enroll in MIN 140 (3) Introduction to Officership. Students must complete 18 credit hours above the introductory level in Biblical and Theological Studies.

  • Minimum Required Program AGPA: 2.0
  • Minimum required GPA in all courses that constitute the major: 2.0

Required Courses

  • HIS 206 History of The Salvation Army (3)
  • HIS 209 Church History (3)
  • MGT 265 Introduction to Salvation Army Business and Management (3)
  • MIN 268 Organizational Leadership (3)
  • MIN 103 Spiritual Formation (3)
  • MIN 120 The Salvation Army and its Mission (3)
  • MIN 140 Introduction to Officership (3)
  • MIN 181 Field Seminar I (2)
  • MIN 182 Field Seminar II (2)
  • MIN 183 Field Seminar III (2)
  • MIN 241 Worship Foundations (3)
  • MIN 243 Homiletics I (3)
  • MIN 244 Introduction to Pastoral Care (3)
  • MIN 281 Field Seminar IV (2)
  • MIN 282 Field Seminar V (2)
  • MIN 343 Homiletics II (3)
  • MIN 344 Professional Ethics for Ministry (3)
  • REL 126 Salvation Army Theology I (3)
  • REL 127 Salvation Army Theology II (3)
  • REL 200 Biblical Foundations (Old Testament) (3)
  • REL 201 Biblical Foundations (New Testament) (3)
  • REL 302 Studies in the Pentateuch (3)
  • REL 303 Old Testament Prophets (3)
  • REL 310 Jesus of Nazareth (3)
  • REL 311 Paul the Apostle (3)
  • REL 330 Wesleyan Distinctives in Theology (3)


  • Religion course (3)
  • Arts and Sciences courses (21)
  • Christian Ministry course (3)