School for Continuing Studies

School for Continuing Studies

Welcome to Booth University College’s School for Continuing Studies!

“I found that the professors of my online courses were just as involved as if I was seeing them in the classroom every week. They checked in with me regularly and would ask how I was doing with the course load.”
– Jenn Trinkies
“I love the online course format for many reasons:  I don’t have to commute, saves wear and tear on my car, I can work at a reasonable pace in my own space, there is often opportunity to do online forums to keep students and the professor connected, and I have received prompt help from professors when I needed it.  Thumbs up to online learning!”
– Betty Ryzner-Madsen
“Online courses give you more flexibility to see your family and get your work completed.”
– Aaron Goodchild

Through our online, hybrid, and intensive offerings, you can develop your skills, grow your knowledge and faith, and discover a career path at your convenience, all while working within your own schedule.

At the School for Continuing Studies you will:

  • Discover courses that fit around your schedule and don’t interfere with your work or home life;
  • Have access to our Program Coordinator who will be your personal advisor;
  • Interact with other students in a virtual learning environment; and,
  • Experience learning that is professional, skill-based, and development-focused.

The School for Continuing Studies’ bachelor degree and certificate programs combine theory and practical experiences to create a dynamic learning environment. We place an emphasis on character, scholarship and leadership, with the goal of preparing every student to be a transforming influence in the world.

Apply for admission to an online program of studies and you will be opening the door to making your personal and professional and vocational goals a reality!

The next two steps are yours:


Current Programs
Bachelor of Arts (General) – Biblical and Theological Studies Major
Certificate in Advanced Leadership for Congregations PDF
Certificate in Applied Leadership PDF
Certificate in Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care PDF
Certificate in Kroc Center Leadership PDF
Certificate in Not-for-Profit Management PDF
Master of Theological Studies (MTS) – Salvation Army Studies

1. Register for a Booth University College account here.
2. Once you have your account, you will be prompted to choose your program (the certificate or degree).
3. After you have chosen your program, you can connect with Michael Glowasky for help in selecting your courses.