Bachelor of Social Work After-Degree Program

Bachelor of Social Work After-Degree Program

2 year degree completion program (78 credit hours)

“I received my first degree at a large public institution. I really was just a number there. At Booth University College, even when I walked in the front door after being accepted the receptionist knew my name. I thought – wow, this is different! And that personal touch was consistent through my entire four years.”
Matthew Gooch
2014 graduate of the Social Work After-Degree program

Booth University College offers a concentrated two year after-degree Bachelor of Social Work degree program for individuals who possess a suitable undergraduate degree as preparation for social work. Students require admission to both Booth University College and our Social Work bachelor degree program. Students may apply for admission to the Social Work bachelor degree program at the same time as they apply for admission to Booth University College. Students enrolled in the social work after-degree program on a full-time basis can complete their bachelor degree in two academic years, including one summer term.

Social Work Bachelor Degree Program Requirements (After-Degree Program):
To earn a Social Work Bachelor Degree (BA) through Booth University College’s after-degree program, you must successfully complete a minimum of 78 credit hours comprised of:

  • 66 credit hours in the discipline (including 60 required credit hours and 6 credit hours of electives) plus 12 credit hours of core religion requirements (which includes REL100 Introduction to Christianity, REL270 World Religions, and 3 credit hours above the 200 level in a Christian tradition) for a total 78 credit hours.
    The following courses must be taken:
  • Required (60 credit hours):
    • SWK 110 Introduction to Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 220 Introduction to Social Welfare
    • SWK 230 Introduction to Clinical Practice (3)
    • SWK 310 Research Methods (3)
    • SWK 311 Human Behaviour in the Social Environment (3)
    • SWK 321 Contemporary Issues in Social Policy (3)
    • SWK 322 Indigenous People and Social Work Practice
    • SWK 331 Social Work Practice with Individuals (3)
    • SWK 340 Administration in Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 341 Social Work Practice with Communities (3)
    • SWK 350 Social Work Field Practice I (9)
    • SWK 351 Social Work Field Practice I Integrative Seminar (3)
    • SWK 410 Ethical Practice of Social Work (3)
    • SWK 431 Social Work Practice with Groups (3)
    • SWK 432 Social Work Practice with Families (3)
    • SWK 450 Social Work Field Practice II (9)
    • SWK 451 Social Work Field Practice II Integrative Seminar (3)
  • Electives (6 credit hours):
    • SWK 300 Statistics for Social Work Practice
    • SWK 360 Crisis Intervention (3)
    • SWK 361 Social Problems (3)
    • SWK 363 Abuse and Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 364 Addictions and Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 365 Aging and Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 366 Disabilities and Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 395 Selected Topics (3)
    • SWK 460 Child Welfare Practice (3)
    • SWK 461 Dual Disorders: An Integrative Perspective (3)
    • SWK 462 Community Mental Health Practice (3)
    • SWK 463 Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents (3)
    • SWK 465 Spirituality in Social Work Practice (3)
    • SWK 466 Independent Study in Social Work (3)