Religion Bachelor Degree (BA)

Religion Bachelor Degree (BA)

“Booth University College’s religion program is meant to appeal to a broad range of students. It not only offers a rich array of courses on Christianity but also provides a solid introduction to the other religious traditions of the world. Students in our program are exposed to the diversity, richness and complexity of religion.”
Dr. Andrew Eason, Program Head of Bachelor of Arts in Religion program
– Dr. Andrew Eason, Religion Program Head

*Four-year degree program (120 credit hours)

Why Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Religion?

Religion has been and continues to be a major influence in the world. Religion affects every aspect of the human experience: history, culture, politics, economics, science, philosophy and more. An adequate understanding of the world requires some knowledge of its various faith traditions.

What do people believe and what do they practice in diverse religious communities around the world? How does religion inform and shape their lives? What does religion contribute to their societies? How does it provide life with meaning, wisdom, ethical responsibility and beauty? Studying for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religion enables us to ask, think about and answer these kinds of complex and important questions.