Psychology Bachelor Degree (BA)

Psychology Bachelor Degree (BA)

“Our Psychology degree program is unique in its strong focus on socio-cultural and diversity issues and ethics. We are also unique in that we offer our students exclusive opportunities to work with professors in their on-going research – something usually only offered at the graduate level. Students can really get to know their professors and work collaboratively with them, and receive invaluable interpersonal and informal training.”

– Dr. James Cresswell, Psychology Program Head

*Four-year degree (120 credit hours)

Why Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It is the study of people: how they think, react, and interact. Studying psychology will help you understand yourself and others. You’ll develop critical thinking and sound analytical skills; effective communication, interpersonal active-listening and intercultural communication skills; and self-understanding. If you are naturally curious and constantly in search of knowledge, psychology would be a natural fit.

One of the most popular undergraduate options, psychology is an exciting and interesting major, and one that is also challenging and useful. Psychology has a broad range of applications and offers a number of career prospects, as the skills you will learn can easily transfer into a variety of roles.

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