Psychology Bachelor Degree (BA)

Psychology Bachelor Degree (BA)

“Booth UC’s Psychology program provides students with many unique opportunities. Our classes are small starting in introductory courses, so students are given the opportunity for personal engagement with professors much earlier than in programs at other institutions. We also provide opportunities for internships working with experts in the field as well as early involvement in professors’ current research. Both of these opportunities are typically offered much later in other programs. Our classrooms are collaborations that allow students to develop a sophisticated understanding of the inner workings of the human mind.”

– Dr. Evan Curtis, Assistant Professor of Psychology

*Four-year degree (120 credit hours)

Why Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It is the study of people: how they think, react, and interact. Studying psychology will help you understand yourself and others. You’ll develop critical thinking and sound analytical skills; effective communication, interpersonal active-listening and intercultural communication skills; and self-understanding. If you are naturally curious and constantly in search of knowledge, psychology would be a natural fit.

One of the most popular undergraduate options, psychology is an exciting and interesting major, and one that is also challenging and useful. Psychology has a broad range of applications and offers a number of career prospects, as the skills you will learn can easily transfer into a variety of roles.