Certificate of Christian Studies

Certificate of Christian Studies

*One-year certificate program (30 credit hours)

Booth University College’s one-year Christian Studies certificate program offers you the opportunity to acquire an introductory knowledge of the Bible, theology, and the basic principles of Christian growth and service.

This certificate program in Christian studies seeks to provide a context within which students may accelerate the development of a well-informed Christian character.

Christian Studies Certificate Program Requirements:

To earn a Certificate of Christian Studies, you must successfully complete a total of 30 credit hours, including:

  • REL 100 Introduction to Christianity (6 credit hours),
  • ENG 100 University Writing (3 credit hours),
  • 12 credit hours of Religion courses, and
  • 9 credit hours of Behavioural Sciences courses (psychology and sociology).

Please note that the 30 credit hours must be comprised of the above requirements. No substitutions are allowed.