Behavioural Sciences Bachelor Degree (BA)

Behavioural Sciences Bachelor Degree (BA)

*Four-year degree program (120 credit hours)

Why Earn a Bachelor Degree in Behavioural Sciences?

“This major offers students a real opportunity to contribute to meaningful and positive change. You won’t be satisfied working at just any job, but will be inspired to seek out positions that are intrinsically rewarding with the goal of making a difference in the lives of others. From careers in international relations and human resources, to education, missions, and so many more – the Behavioural Sciences degree offers many options and opportunities.”

– Dr. James Cresswell, Head of Booth UC’s Psychology program

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Behavioural Sciences program at Booth University College provides you with a unique focus that combines sociology (the study of social behaviour), psychology (the study of mind and behaviour), and a general foundation in the social sciences.

Studying sociology will change your understanding of how the world operates.  You’ll develop a perspective sensitive to the social forces that shape you and your world. You’ll see education, politics, economics, religion, culture and Canadian society in new ways. The study of psychology will enable you to appreciate individual differences and how people’s behaviour is shaped by biology and culture.  You will wrestle with the nature of the mind, intelligence, consciousness, memory, and personal identity.

This interdisciplinary Behavioural Sciences bachelor degree is specific enough to prepare you for a career, yet broad enough to equip you for a wide array of job opportunities. If you’re interested in culture, enjoy working with people and want to help improve the lives of others, a bachelor degree in behavioural sciences could be the perfect fit.

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