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Booth University College academics- diploma and certificate programs
Booth University College academics- degree programs- School for Continuing Studies

Being a smaller institution, Booth University College is able to focus on the individual success of its students. Our average class size ranges between 20-25 students, which allows for more in-depth teaching and learning. Faculty will know you by name and they’ll connect with you personally.


Your worldview will be broadened by the Christian perspective in the classroom and the encouraged, open and respectful dialogue. We will help prepare you for your career while helping you build a strong foundation for life and faith that will inspire you to change the world for the better.

“Transferring to Booth University College from the larger university campus I was at was a great decision. There, I was one of 44,000 students. Here, I have small classes where my profs know my name and I get a lot of one-on-one time with them. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to communicate with my professors! They make a visible effort to reach out, and it’s been a real comfort to know that they’re there.”
– Ben Coles, English & Film student

Booth University College is committed to academic excellence, offering rigorous certificate, degree and continuing studies programs taught to the highest standards. You will be taught in all of your courses by faculty who are committed teachers and scholars, and who will challenge you to reach your highest level of academic achievement.


School of Business

The School of Business offers bachelor and diploma programs, a unique financial crimes major, cybersecurity courses and more.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Diploma in Business Administration
Red River College Degree Completion (RRC 2+2) (BBA)

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers five bachelor degrees and two one-year certificates, each with its own benefits and opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in:

Behavioural Sciences
English and Film Studies
General Studies


Diploma of Liberal Arts


Certificate of Christian Studies

School of Social Work

The social work program at Booth University College is a well-respected and sought after program in the province of Manitoba. The bachelor degree is available as a four-year degree and a two-year after-degree, with a strong emphasis on clinical skills courses.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Degree Structure

Bachelor Degree Structure
The Booth University College bachelor degree has three components: 1. the core curriculum (described below), 2. the disciplinary major, 3. the elective courses that a student may choose simply for interest or to deepen their understanding within their disciplinary major. Requirements for disciplinary major and electives are described within each bachelor degree program.

Booth University College Core Curriculum
Booth University College’s core curriculum is comprised of the courses that are required of all bachelor degree students. This core will deliver a breadth of knowledge in the natural sciences, the social sciences, religion and literature. The core curriculum will also teach students to think critically and acquire solid skills in reading comprehension and writing. The purpose of the core curriculum is to create an intellectual foundation upon which an in-depth disciplinary/program study can be based. More details can be found in the academic calendar.

School for Continuing Studies

Booth University College’s School for Continuing Studies offers a number of online and hybrid (combination of online and in-class) courses, certificate programs and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies. The School for Continuing Studies has also partnered with Tyndale University College and Seminary to offer a Master of Theological Studies in Salvation Army Studies.

Download our Viewbook for an overview of our campus and program offerings.


Booth University College is one of the most affordable Christian higher education institutions in Canada. We have absolutely no hidden fees – and once our scholarships are calculated in, you’ll see that earning a degree here is on par with total costs at public universities in Winnipeg and across Canada. In addition, you receive all of the added benefits that come with studying at a private Christian university or college.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

When you graduate from Booth University College, we want you to leave with a wide range of skills that will serve you in the workplace, at home and out in the community. That is why we have developed institution-wide learning outcomes. Regardless of the certificate program or bachelor degree program, you enrol in at Booth University College, at the conclusion of your degree or certificate you will achieve the following outcomes:

1. Christian Worldview
Graduates of Booth University College will be exposed to a Christian worldview that is informed, critically-grounded, and in accord with the Scriptures and orthodox faith.

2. Christian Character
Graduates of Booth University College will be encouraged to demonstrate a way of life that emanates from a Christian worldview, demonstrating hope, justice and mercy in all spheres of life.

3. Passion for Learning
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to demonstrate a passion for learning by their curiosity and restless search for answers.

4. Critical Inquiry
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to acquire knowledge, understanding and truth through the close examination of a matter, the systematic exploration of issues and arguments, the collecting and analyzing of evidence and by making informed judgments.

5. Creative Problem-Solving
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to draw on their educational experiences and apply the principles of critical inquiry to develop interdisciplinary solutions to problems.

6. Integrating Knowledge
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to acquire and use in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge through the integration of the scholarly disciplines as well as through their personal, social, and academic experiences.

7. Aesthetic Sensibility
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for a range of creative arts, interpret their meanings and express creativity and artistry in their academic work.

8. Ethical Decision-Making
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to demonstrate a commitment to ethical behaviour that recognizes their ethical obligations to others and their responsibility to contribute to the common good of society.

9. Social Justice
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to advocate for and practice social justice.

10. Communication Skills
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to speak and present information clearly and convincingly in multiple modes.

11. Global Diversity
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to demonstrate an awareness of and engagement with diversity including, but not limited to, the differences in race, class, gender, culture, religion, politics, lifestyle, physical and mental abilities.

12. Service
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to use the skills and knowledge acquired in their studies in service of the local and global communities.

13. Leadership
Graduates of Booth University College will be able to describe the nature, potential and responsibility of leadership and be able to engage others in building capacity for positive change.