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Entrance Requirements

High School Requirements for Canadian and Permanent Resident Students

If you will graduate or have graduated from a Canadian high school, please refer to the requirements for the specific province in which you attended school. If you will graduate or have graduated in another country, please see consult the International Student Admission Requirements.

Please select the province from which you will graduate or have already graduated from the list below.

Transfer Students

Students who have completed course work at an approved post-secondary institution may enter Booth College as transfer students. An entering AGPA of 2.0 or better is required. (Note: transfer student entitlement should not be based on grade point average of less than 18 credit hours of post-secondary work. If less, then a review of high school grades should be made.) Please select your program of interest for its specific entrance requirements.  Please see the Transfer Student Requirements.

English Language Proficiency

Please see the English Language Proficiency Requirements

International Students

Please see the International Student Admission Requirements

Student Handbook

All students are required to abide by the provisions of the Student Handbook. By signing the Application for College Admission the applicant acknowledges that he or she has read the Student Handbook and will abide by its principles and policies while enrolled as a student at Booth College.


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