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In the late 1800s, Salvation Army founder William Booth first proposed the establishment of a “University of Humanity.” Here at Booth University College we are bringing that vision to life. Our approach to learning is anchored in academic excellence and based on a vision of social justice, hope and mercy for all.

For today’s changing world, students should be well versed in literature, philosophy, history, religion, the fine arts, and the social and physical sciences. With this foundation in place, our students are prepared to pursue knowledge in their chosen field of expertise. Whether that field is the humanities, the social sciences or a professional degree, exposure to the broad range of human knowledge makes our graduates better people and better citizens. The integration of this knowledge with a Christian world-view prepares our students to explore the boundaries of knowledge with courage and commitment. With the mentoring care of committed professors and instructors, we expect our students to tackle the most difficult and complex issues of our day with hope and confidence.

Among the many exciting new developments at Booth is the new Urban Service Learning course where all students are engaged in learning about society’s problems and probing for solutions in actual social service settings. Click here to learn more!

Booth University College is a small comprehensive Christian university college offering an education for a better world.

Download a copy of the Booth UC Digital World PDF here.



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