Student Blog


December 7, 2016

Hello again, Laura here! It’s hard to believe that since the last time I’ve written a blog, an entire semester has come to an end! That’s right, the last day of classes has already passed by, and students here could not be more ready. The semester’s definitely been a busy one, with plenty of different events from student services – like pumpkin carving, yoga classes, and a worship night – to keep us busy. There was even a visit from therapy dogs the other day to ease students into the busyness of exam week! All this activity has definitely has not slowed down since the Christmas season has hit.

To quote another famous Christmas carol, “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” at Booth University College. The main floor, the residence floors, and even the admissions office, have now sprouted beautifully lit Christmas trees. Decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate, and singing along to Christmas carols with other residents, has been my highlight of the Christmas season so far.  Perhaps the most important decoration, though, was the cardboard box wrapped in red by the front desk.

This box was for Toy Mountain, which is the Salvation Army’s collection campaign of unused toys for children that come from low-income families, so that they can get a fun gift for Christmas. But we weren’t just collecting toys to give to Toy Mountain; we at Booth UC were also raising funds to donate. There was a clear box at the front desk specifically for monetary donations, but the student life committee decided to give back in another way.

Earlier last week, the committee hosted a café-style bake sale and talent show. It was held on Monday for the duration of lunch, from 11:30 to 1:00. All of the food and the entertainment was provided by Booth students and faculty. There was quite a variety of food, with desserts like cheesecake bits, peanut butter balls, and brownies! Likewise, there was a range of different performances, from Christmas carolling to improvised piano playing.

In total, the school raised $550 between the bake sale and cash donations, which was used to pay for different kinds of toys. There were also plenty of new toy donations dropped off, like a Candy Land game, a soccer ball, and a cabbage patch doll, just to name a few. One of our students even got a spot on the radio to explain how Booth was contributing!  Overall, the week was a huge success, providing students with opportunities to participate in a great cause, but most importantly, providing children with new toys on Christmas.

If any students missed these opportunities, and would still like to give back, there are signs posted around the building, asking students to sign up for a kettle shift – whose funds also support low-income families during this holiday season. So remember that this holiday season presents many opportunities to contribute. May we cheerfully show good tidings to those in our neighbourhoods by giving back. Enjoy the Christmas break, everybody, it’s coming up soon!

Laura Hepditch