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Welcome to the Winter Semester!

January 18, 2016

Hello All,

Over the Christmas holidays I ended up spending a lot of my time relaxing at home with my family. I am currently reading through Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga and I managed to read through books 6-8 over the holidays. I had a bunch of Christmas gatherings to attend (five to be exact), so while I did get to spend a lot of time relaxing, I also got to spend a large portion of my Christmas holidays with friends and family. A couple of my cousins from Saskatchewan came to spend time with the family for a weekend and it was great to see them all again. Another one of the highlights for me this Christmas season was having the opportunity to see the new Star Wars movie twice in theaters. In my opinion the movie only got better the second time I saw it.

Now that we are all back at school together, I hope to have another great semester to close off my second year here at Booth. So, whatever year you are in, and whatever program you are studying, welcome back, and I wish you an excellent winter semester.

Joshua Rempel,
Student Ambassador