Student Blog


March 4, 2016

Hello All,

This last weekend was a blur of activity here at Booth University College. Not only did we have the Earl Robinson Memorial Lecture series with Dr. Joel B. Green from Sunday to Monday, we also had an Oscar Party here at the school. Every year since Zach, one of the students at Booth UC, has been here, he has put on an Oscar Party and invited the student body to attend. This year was a blast. We had students dressed to the nines and, with lots of great food and drinks, this party was a blast. While I am not a huge movie buff, it was great to get together as the student body and watch the Oscars together. For those of you who don’t already know, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar this year, and it was met by quite loud cheering by the students.

Some of you might be asking, Josh, if you’re not a big movie buff, what did you enjoy about the Oscars? Well, to tell the truth, someone had brought some delicious pasta, and another student had made some brownies, so if you are wondering what I enjoyed about the Oscars, it was definitely the food that made the event. So, for all the students who didn’t make it our this year, or for those of you who have yet to come to Booth UC, be sure to come out next year, because even if you are not a big movie fan, good food and good friends can make it a great night to remember.

Josh Rempel,
Student Ambassador