Student Blog


January 31, 2017

Hello everyone, it’s Laura again.

To anyone who has read both of my blogs, you may see a pattern: so far, I’ve mostly written about Student Life events. I haven’t really covered my personal experience at Booth UC thus far, and even though I know I can’t cover the 5 semesters I’ve spent here in a few hundred words, I could list my “favourites” here at Booth University College: things like courses, places, events, and even meals at the Bistro. For those of you reading who have never been to Booth, I hope this post helps you know a little bit more about our school! And for anyone reading who regularly attends Booth, I hope you like some of these things too!

  • Favourite Class: This is harder to decide than I thought it would be! But I have to say that the course that I have liked the most (so far) is Urban Service Learning. Even though I’m a Religion major, and I seriously enjoy studying different belief systems and theology, I am someone who really appreciates hands-on experiences and personal growth. This course covers the three core values (hope, justice, and mercy) of Booth University College, and how they can be applied in the service that we do, and the communities we are a part of. I learned how to better empathize with people whose experiences did not match my own, and in doing so, began to see more similarities than differences between myself and the people I served. Overall, I could not have learned what I did by simply reading a textbook or completing an exam, and what I learned continues to impact my life in different communities I am a part of.
  • Favourite Spot on Campus: My favourite place here at Booth is not one that I use every day, but just a unique place where I haven’t seen to many other people. There is a table in the library near the back, behind the stacks of journals – this is my favourite spot. Here’s why: this is one of the very few places where I am nearly guaranteed to get my assignments or studying done. It’s quiet, as most of the library is, but it also keeps me from wandering, socializing or browsing the books, since it’s in an isolated corner. If I have an assignment due tomorrow, and you’re looking for me, check there!
  • Favourite Residence Event: I live in residence on campus, and sometimes events are hosted so that the residents can get to know each other better. My favourite thing we’ve ever done has to be our trip to SkyZone. It’s an indoor trampoline arena where you can dive into ball pits, or play volleyball, or just jump on trampolines. It’s always made me laugh and brightened my mood, so I would recommend it for exam week!
  • Favourite Student Life Event: There are plenty of events that the Student Committee hosts and my favourite would have to be the Formal Banquets at the end of each Fall semester. I love to dance and get dressed up, so it’s not a shock that having both those things on the same night makes my week, and raises my Christmas spirit!
  • Favourite Booth Bistro Meal: My favourite thing to eat from the Bistro would have to be Pizza. The pizza sauce might just be the best I’ve ever had. I order it with green peppers, red onions, and tomatoes (or pineapple), and I eat it with ranch dip!


Anyway, those are a few of my favourite things about Booth UC. Now you know a few things about me, and about this fantastic place!

Thanks for reading,

Laura Hepditch