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Student Council is revived!

March 16, 2018

Hello friends! For the first time this year, the student ambassadors are blogging to update you on the happenings at Booth UC.

FUN FACTS: My name is Julia, and I am a second-year social work student. I am a student council candidate for Booth UC’s upcoming election. The student council has been reignited from Booth’s past days as a Bible College, and we’re SO excited! There have been nine of us on this journey over the last few weeks’: campaigning, creating speeches and getting to know the student body. It’s been an incredible experience! There have been some really unique and cool posters around with social media posts too!

You can vote until 4 p.m. today, and so if you haven’t cast your vote yet, let your voice be heard and speak to who YOU want to represent YOU!

Some of the roles you can vote for include: President, VP of Activities, VP of Operations, and VP of Communications. These roles are known as the executive roles on the team, and they oversee all aspects of work such as: communicating information to others, finances, the approval of activities and overseeing plans. The International rep is another position you can vote for and will represent the international student body, which is the highest on record for Booth UC.

The next two positions, Commuter rep and Residence rep, focus on the needs of these two populations respectively.

And, next year, we’ll have more roles to vote for, including graduating rep, who’ll be the voice for graduates, and two first-year reps, who’ll be the eyes and ears of new students.

All positions very important to the Student Council, all with specific tasks and all contributing value to our work.
And, so you have it! The Student Council returning has brought great excitement and enthusiasm among the students and has given students the opportunity to really voice their concerns, as well as help make  Booth UC an engaged community for all.

If you have any questions on the student council elections, make sure you check out the Student Council page under the “Campus Life” tab or check out our social media platforms.

Happy voting, Boothers!