Student Blog


February 14, 2017

Hi friends! It’s Caitlyn here again. Reading break is along the horizon – which also means that mid-terms are approaching fast, but let’s just block that out of our minds for now. I do not know about you, but I am determined to get ahead of school work this year. Last year during reading week my grandparents took my family on a vacation. So naturally, I read one book over the entire week and then came back and was flooded with a tsunami of work to do. This year I plan to make my wrongs right and become the driven and proactive student that I know I can be (no need for baby steps). So here I am, a humble servant ready to help you (… and me) find a way to get more done this reading week.  Below you can find my personalized plan to make this reading week a success.

Tip One: Rest

Go ahead, you deserve it. First off, sleep in. Then for the rest of the day use your time trying a new hobby or if you like baking, bake! Take a walk in Assiniboine park and let your eyelashes freeze over and your legs become numb… or watch Netflix all day. Or get together with your friends and go for coffee! The possibilities are endless. Just do what you like and use the time for your mental health. I plan to make this my first day of reading week so that I am then mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for the work to come.

Tip Two:  Set Small Realistic Goals for Homework

Unless you plan to do homework 24/7 during your reading week (and I strongly suggest that you do not), you are not going to get the rest of your homework done for this semester. Instead of going into this week with flat out impossible expectations, pick a few assignments (2-3) that are high on your priority list and finish them. Get those assignments finished and then you will feel accomplished at the end of the week instead of guilty for not finishing all of your homework for the rest of the semester.

Tip Three: Work in the Best Possible Environment

I know I said that I plan on taking no baby steps towards becoming a driven and proactive student, however, breaking a bad habit almost always requires these small steps forward. Because I am an inbred procrastinator I find it most helpful to work with friends who do not have the same work habits. Sidenote: You know that inner joy and peace you experience when you ask someone if they are done an assignment and you discover that they are worse off than you? This is not healthy!!! Find friends who will push you to keep on track and work with them.

Tip Four: Cry

Because your large amount of homework will never cease until final exams are over, you can shed a few tears once and awhile, but then waste no more time, because time is precious and all of it must be spent on homework. Just kidding!

Tip Five: Mix up Rest with Productivity

If you are similar to me then you have a hard time saying no to distractions. You know what I’m talking about? Like when you plan to only go on YouTube for an hour in the morning and THEN do homework, but eight hours later you find yourself watching clips of cats falling into showers. I know that I am most productive in the morning, so instead of wasting those valuable hours away, I get my work done in the morning and then use the evenings to relax because getting some rest this reading week break is also crucial!

Well there you have it! I hope you learned one or two things from my tips! Wishing you guys all the best with your studies and rest this reading week.

Caitlyn Gillingham