Student Blog


September 29, 2016

Hey all,

Before I go anywhere with my thoughts, I just want to state that writing on this student blog is a surreal experience for me. A couple of years ago, I was a young high school student curiously scrolling through Booth’s website when I came across Sarah Taylor’s blog posts. I remember reading through them in order to try and get a better understanding of what Booth was like, even though I had no intentions of attending Booth. Well, fast forward a couple years and here I am, a second year Social Work student writing on this blog for the first time. My intentions clearly completely switched…

At this moment I am currently trying to get back into the groove of school, which is always a little challenging, especially if you’re in your first year of university. For example, even though I went through so many papers and assignments last year I am finding that I’ve completely blanked on how to write in APA format!! How ridiculous is it that I’ve only been away for a few months, yet I can no longer remember a skill that I literally used all the time last year? In terms of last year, I vividly remember feeling like I was drowning during my first few weeks of classes. One of my first conversations with real university students (not the fake kind) was about the writing formats used in papers. When I asked them what APA and Chicago were they literally laughed and said, “Oh you’ll find out…”!! Those words made me feel utterly hopeless as well as clueless. I found out that it got worse, a lot of my professors would talk about these writing formats and I still had no clue what they were talking about! I could’ve gone through the entire semester like that, however, instead of continuing to drown in confusion I decided to get answers. Cue in The Academic Learning Centre. The ALC is a GREAT resource that more people need to take advantage of. Throughout the year they hold many seminars and short classes teaching a wide range of practical university skills like how to properly use your writing formats or even how to write a research paper (that one was really helpful!!). I strongly suggest that you check them out before you get that deep pit of despair in your stomach. Kate-Lyn and Tejal want to help you succeed and I assure you that they will give you helpful tips to use throughout your university career – tips you probably won’t find elsewhere.  So whether you are a first year who feels like the end of the world has come upon them or if you’re like me entering into your second year and trying to remember those formatting skills, the workshops that the ALC provides are relevant and so helpful! Check them out!!

Caitlyn Gillingham