Student Blog


March 6, 2017

Hello All!

It’s me, Josh here, and it is that time of year again. While the snow might be melting away, the due dates continue to pile up. As with every year, the last month of the semester tends to be the busiest. While I have a lot of work to do for classes, with proper time management, I should be able to get everything finished on time. So today, I wanted to give a bit of advice for everyone who, like me, has a mountain of due dates to work through.

  1. Work on assignments in advance. I know that for myself, this can definitely be a challenge, but if you take just a couple hours to finish a paper a week or two before it is due, it will definitely save you in the busiest parts of the month. You will usually have a few days, or even weeks, before Mt. Due Date comes crashing down around you, and so you might as well use that free time to change the mountain into a manageable hill.
  2. Take time for yourself. In university, I have found that a large number of students spend almost every minute of every day stressing about the next assignment on their plate. This is generally an unhealthy way to spend your free time. Instead of stressing, take a couple hours every day to destress and relax. Whether you do this by playing video games, watching a movie, having a nap, spending time with friends, it doesn’t matter. Having that chance to relax alleviates stress, and helps to put you into the right mindset for when you do decide to work on assignments.
  3. Manage your time wisely. This one always gets me, I tell myself I am just going to go on my phone to check Facebook, and when I next look at the time, three hours have gone past. Setting a schedule for your time during the day is a great way to help improve time management. For myself, making a schedule is not something I have done until this semester, and I can definitely see how helpful a schedule can be. My levels of productivity have probably doubled, just with the addition of a proper schedule.
  4. Know your time per assignment scale. If an assignment is only worth five percent, don’t spend an entire evening working on it. Likewise, if an assignment ends up being worth thirty percent, take a couple of days to get it completed. By knowing how much time each percentage grade is worth, you will be better able to manage the time that you do have. Also, if you have a class you are struggling in, spend more time working on the assignments for that class in order to boost your grade.
  5. Finally, doing an assignment the night before is better than not doing it at all. While I realize that pulling an all-nighter to complete an assignment is definitely not ideal, sometimes, it is necessary to get your papers done on time. In my time at university, I have had many late nights that turn into early mornings trying to get my papers finished. The important thing with pulling an all-nighter is to ensure that you actually get the paper done. If you don’t think you can finish the paper in one long night, don’t stay up, it’s not worth it.

Hopefully, this helps all of you who, like me, have a lot of work coming up in the next few weeks. To all my fellow students, I wish you the best of luck with your final month of school!

Joshua Rempel
Student Ambassador