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An Interview with Booth UC’s new Student Services Coordinator

January 26, 2016

By Emma Gerard, Student Ambassador

Standard Info: Where did you grow up, where did you go to school for your degree, interesting facts about life

I grew up in a small town named Niverville, MB and did my post-secondary studies at Providence University College. I graduated with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology and afterwards is working towards a M.A. in Education Studies in seminary. Some interesting facts about myself are: in childhood I had a pet cow (a real cow) named Applejack. I grew up on a farm and it made send since I was six at the time of the naming him. I got married in August of 2014 and during my university years, I played on the soccer and volleyball teams.

What is your title and how would you describe your position here at Booth UC?

My official title here at Booth UC is Student Services Coordinator and I am enjoying my job very much. I am still in the process of learning due to how new I am to this position, but in brief I am involved with the Residence and Chapel. For residence, I provide guidance to the individuals that live here on campus, and focus on promoting a strong sense of community. For chapels, I work with a student committee to organize the weekly chapel services that happen on Wednesday and Fridays.

What do you like best about your job?

I very much enjoy working with people especially with University-level students; it is one of the best and most enjoyable things about my job. I am a highly extraverted individual which helps me in many ways in this position.

Do you have any future plans in regard to your position here at Booth UC? (Ex. Focusing on community in residence or better attendance at chapel…)

I am hoping to provide opportunity to get students more involved and engaged in the many events that happen here at Booth UC. There are many opportunities already to get students involved and I want to ensure that the events appeal to students and are available to all of the student body.

What attracted him to come to Booth UC as a new staff?

The main things that attracted me to Booth UC is what it stands for; I knew that I wanted to work with people in some capacity and I learned quickly that post-secondary age was what I was passionate about.  Having a faith-based post-secondary background, I wanted to work for an institution that teaches those values to their students. When I was applying for jobs, the opportunity came to work for Booth and with the motto “Education for a Better World,” I knew that it was a good fit for me.

Thank you to Derek for his willingness to open up about his life! I hope this helps in learning a little bit more about our new staff member here at Booth UC, Derek Loeppky!

Emma Gerard,
Student Ambassador