Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Adjunct Professor

Dr Joseph Campbell has a doctorate in church law and a Licentiate in Theology from St Thomas Aquinas University, Rome, Italy, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba.

Dr Campbell, a former catholic priest, studied philosophy and theology in Dublin, Ireland as a member of the Dominican Order in the fifties and after ordination in 1960 was sent to Rome to complete a Licentiate in Theology at the University of St Thomas Aquinas. This he completed in 1961.  From 1961-1964 he studied Church Law at the same University. He received his doctorate in Canon Law in early 1964.

In 1965 he was assigned to Nagpur, India to teach in a Seminary, which he did for 7 years. There he taught Philosophical Psychology and Canon Law. Having decided to leave the priesthood he came to Canada in 1972 and was accepted for the PhD program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He completed his studies, including a year’s internship at the Health Sciences Centre, in 1978. He wrote his dissertation on ‘Fear of Death and Dying’.

He returned to Ireland in 1978 and worked in St Brigid’s Psychiatric Hospital, Co Louth, for seven years.  In 1986 he returned with his family to Canada and took up a position as Director of Psychology at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg in 1986. There he worked both with inpatients and outpatients. He retired from the Grace in 2004.

Dr Campbell has been teaching Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology at Booth College since 1996. He has a keen interest in all his students and looks forward to continuing to work with them.

Dr Campbell was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1934. He has a wonderful Irish sense of humour.  He married Mary, also Irish, in 1975, and has three children, a girl and two boys, all in their twenties. He is a founding member of the Irish Association of Manitoba and has been very active both in theatre, choir, and Folklorama at the Club.

Dr Campbell’s hobbies are Golf and Golf. Loves Sunday meals with the whole family and get togethers with friends. He is an active member of St Ignatius Parish on Stafford.

Telephone (Toll-free): 1 (877) 942-6684
Fax: 204-942-3856
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