Janice Miller

Janice Miller

Sessional Instructor

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, but began my college education in Kansas at Bethel College, a Mennonite liberal arts college.  After graduation from there, I continued my education at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, where I received my PhD in Cell Biology and Physiology in 1992.  Since then I have been teaching part time, first in Omaha, Nebraska and for the last 6 years in Winnipeg.

I have been teaching a variety of biology classes in my teaching career, and have been particularly inspired to teach students who may not have studied biology before how relevant biology is to their everyday lives.  In particular, many aspects of molecular biology have changed the way we eat, the way health care is administered, the way we reproduce and many others.  Students are interested to learn how molecular biology is currently integrated into our lives as well as new and developing technologies.  In a Christian environment, we are able to discuss and debate the ethics of these technologies.

Besides teaching, I am kept busy with my children and church activities.   I enjoy sports, baking, and entertaining. 

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