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I invite you to rest a moment and reflect, as I share an amazing story of how you are helping to change lives and empower others through your support of Booth University College.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Tapiwanashe Innocent Kwenda, social worker, Booth UC alumnus and “ambassador for social justice.” I had the opportunity to meet Tapiwanashe’s family in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2013 and what a joyful experience that was. Tapiwanashe’s journey from Zimbabwe to Booth University College was not easy, however, I know for certain that he appreciated the support he received through Booth UC’s Entrance Scholarship fund supported by the faithful Booth UC donors.

Recently my team had the chance to visit with Tapiwanashe at The Salvation Army Booth Centre in downtown Winnipeg. He shared how Booth UC helped educate him so he can now help and serve others.


Because of Booth, “I was able to learn how to distinguish between struggles and choices. People think that when someone is homeless that they choose to be on the streets, which is not true. It takes a heart to actually understand what someone is going through and be able to work with them, and understand them.”

Because of Booth, “I continue to be involved with The Salvation Army at Booth Centre in Winnipeg. Working for The Salvation Army has helped me to better understand societal and global issues that affect all of humanity— issues such as homelessness, poverty, human trafficking and immigration. I have been given the opportunity to advocate for change and become an ambassador for social justice.”

These powerful statements demonstrate the impact that Booth UC is having on students and in the community. But we are only able to do this important work….because of you.

Because of you… we are able to share stories like this…with your support we are able to continue to help students come to Booth UC.

Tapiwanashe’s story is a great example of how Booth UC is providing “Education for a Better World” and how we are helping The Salvation Army continue in its mission of giving hope and support to vulnerable people in communities across Canada.

Because of you… many students will have to opportunity to realize their dreams and earn the degree that will put them on the path to success.

I invite you to consider directing a gift to help the students of Booth UC get to a place where they too, can be like Tapiwanashe, and make a change in our world. 100% of the donations raised through this appeal will go toward student scholarships, ensuring that private, Christian education remains affordable for all. Your gift will provide scholarship assistance for a new student! Thanks for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Major John Murray,
Vice President, Advancement
Booth University College