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PSY 395 Psychology & Spirituality

The interplay and integration of psychology and spirituality provides a unique and holistic view of human beings, broadening and deepening our understanding of what it means to be a ‘whole person’. This class will introduce you to theories and concepts where both psychology and spirituality overlap and provide opportunities for explorations, self-examination, and application to helping professions. Through discussion, experiential exercises, and lecture, we will explore various themes including seeking, suffering, wellness, spiritual health, meaning, authenticity, and human evil. Time will be given to explore how one’s own spirituality might impact one’s psychology and vice versa. As well, models of integration of faith and psychology will be examined and analyzed for their contributions to one another.

Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Amy Glazema Profile
Class Times: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm August 7 - 11, 2017
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