Learn With Support

Learn With Support

  1. Annual June Welcome and Orientation BBQ for new students and their families.
  2. Fun-filled Fall Orientation Week
  3. Accessible faculty who care about your success
  4. Enhanced academic advising
  5. Personal Librarian for each student
  6. Free tutoring and academic workshops
  7. Exam prep and study skills services
  8. Caring and supportive staff
  9. Puppies! Take a study break and de-stress with a canine friend who is brought in prior to exam week!

In our 2015 student survey, Booth University College again received high marks for its caring and supportive faculty and staff. Student academic success will always be a top priority, and we continue to strengthen our support services to ensure we’re meeting the different learning styles and needs of our students. Our goal is to help you make a smooth, positive transition to university life and to support you in making the most of your Booth University College experience.

Faculty / Advisors

Booth University College’s core faculty members, including our program heads, are our student academic advisors, so you’re guaranteed to be connected to a dedicated professor who is determined to ensure you start the year off right. They’ll also notice if you’re struggling during the year and will help you to put a plan in place to address the challenges. Faculty are readily available in-person, by phone or email.

Academic Learning Centre

The staff at Booth University College’s Academic Learning Centre can help structure your semester, teach study strategies, provide time management tips, assist with advanced online research, and can offer support in developing reading and writing skills, effective note taking, correct bibliography formatting, and so much more. Whether you are struggling with a certain class or want to bump that B up to an A, support is always available to help you strengthen your academic skills and achieve your academic goals.

“The professors very legitimately care about me and my work. They’re compelling, supportive, and they make me want to learn.”

Ben McNeilly,
3rd year Business Administration student

DROP-IN HOURS: Our Academic Learning Centre offers scheduled appointments and drop-in hours several days during the week to help meet your urgent needs. From unlimited free tutoring to individual or group study sessions, our staff are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Accessibility Services

We understand that some students require special supports and our Student Services Office can provide accessibility services to help you succeed in your studies. Visit our Accessibility Services page to learn more.

John Fairbank Memorial Library

The hub of any post-secondary institution is the library and Booth University College’s John Fairbank Memorial Library is one of the best! Consistently rated highly by students for its services and resources, it offers a comfortable environment for study and research, and you will always find one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand when you need help. From research and referencing guidance, to teaching you how to sift through mountains of information and discern what’s relevant and worth keeping, you’re certain to receive the highest level of support.

PERSONAL LIBRARIAN: All students are assigned their very own personal librarian to ensure quick, individualized support.

BORROWING PRIVILEGES: Students also have 24-hour-a-day access to nearly 130,000 eBooks and other electronic resources – a collection that continues to grow and change to remain current. Plus – as a Booth University College student, you’ll also have borrowing privileges at a number of other Winnipeg-area libraries that provide you with access to more than one million volumes. If they don’t have what you need, our library will try to find a copy outside of Winnipeg and will borrow it on your behalf.

ONLINE TOOLS AND RESOURCES: Students can access numerous online supports, including tutorials, guides, and writing resources.