Student Council

Student Council

Back row (l-r): Japhlet Lolo, Zach Marshall, Delaney Killam, Josh Tampai

Front row (l-r): Caitlyn Gillingham, Julia Thorne, Yuly Johnson

The Booth UC Student Council (BUCSC) is a group of elected student leaders who foster an active and engaged student community. The BUCSC plans and runs various events, and advocates as the unified student voice on campus.

To read more on the BUCSC check out our official Constituition and By-Laws.

How to Get Involved

APPLY TO BE THE STUDENT MEMBER ON THE SENATE OR BOARD OF TRUSTEES. This is an excellent opportunity for your voice to be heard and to advocate for the student perspective in leadership matters.  For more information on these positions, please click here.

BECOME INVOLVED. Tell your friends and classmates to join you at events and consider running for a position next year.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR EVENTS. Plans are underway for fall 2018 activities!

CONSIDER RUNNING IN NEXT YEAR’S ELECTION. This is the best way to get involved. Being an elected member of the BUCSC gives you a direct voice and opinion in the happenings of the student council.

VOTE IN NEXT YEAR’S ELECTION. To ensure that we have equal representation on the student council, we encourage everyone to vote.


Meet Your 2018-2019 Student Council

Executive Positions


Julia Thorne

Hey friends! My name is Julia, and I am currently in my second year of Social Work here at Booth. Something I love to do is give back to my community. Growing up in a Christian household, a passion was instilled in me to reach out to those around me and help wherever needed. I think that as a University focused on creating a better world, we need to strive to achieve greatness not only outside our walls but within by encouraging our students to take action and grow in them through community building and fun activities.


Vice President Communications

Zach Marshall

My name is Zach Marshall and I am a 2nd year Marketing and Communications student. My biggest goal for Student Council is to create an informed and engaged student community. As Vice President Communications, I will play a front-line role in this by creating stimulating media on all platforms – print, social media, email, web, etc. Not only am I experienced in print and social media, I am also studying this academically. Marketing and communications is a field that I am passionate about!





Vice President Operations

Joshwill Tampai

My name is Josh, and I am an international student from London, United Kingdom. I’m currently finishing up my first year in the Business Administration program. I have a great interest in music and sports such as football (soccer). I hope to create a community within Booth UC. I feel that in a smaller university, communities should be made, since everyone is an acquaintance with each other but not a part of a social group. Student councils should be responsible in creating and making these social circles possible and make Booth more appealing to potential students.





Vice President Activities

Caitlyn Gillingham

Hi friends! My name is Caitlyn and I am a third-year Social Work student. I really enjoy collaborating with others to make new and creative ideas. By working with others, listening to their ideas, and building off of each other’s thoughts we can create so many out-of-the-box events. I want to create an inviting and fun atmosphere for all students to make new friendships, relieve stress, and make fun memories. This is my most important goal. I believe my eagerness to hear others’ opinions and seek feedback will help make this goal a reality because what we create will honestly be a team effort.



Commuter Rep

Yuly Johnson


My name is Yuly Vanessa Johnson, and I am in my second year of the Bachelor of Social Work program. I like to meet new people and experience new things. One of my big passions is to help people and to travel as much as I can. I like to dance and sing even though I do not know how to sing, but I believe am a good dancer. I identify myself as a very confident, outgoing, respectful and caring person. I like to attend church every Sunday and learn the word of God. One of my biggest goals is to graduate and make my mother and husband proud of me.

In my personal opinion, a student council’s most important goal is to be a good leader. I hope to achieve this by contributing with my ideas and creativity, by helping those in need, by encouraging and respecting people, but most of all by having faith in the Lord.



Residence Rep

Delaney Killam

My name is Delaney Killam, and I am in my second year of the Social Work program here at Booth University College. My hobbies include reading (not textbooks!), watching movies, procrastinating, video games, drawing and napping.

As Residence Rep, I will contribute by spreading the word about activities around the residence, and plan activities that the people in residence would find fun and interesting to go to. I plan to talk to the students of residence and ask them what activities they would like to see done within the residence, and get them involved with other activities outside of residence as well.




International Student Rep

Japhlet Lolo

Hey friends! My name is Japhy from Kenya. I am currently in the Social Work program in my second year. I like long walks on the beach, playing pool and smoothies. I think that the most important goal for the Student Council is to get the students involved in the community and be proud of Booth University College. I will help achieve this goal by organizing events such as cultural days!