Meet the ALC Staff

Meet the ALC Staff

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Darla, ALC Coordinator

Darla brings a very wide range of experiences and expertise. If you are unsure of exactly the help you need, she will help you figure it out! She loves helping the planning & organizing stages of essays for any course, but is especially helpful with English Writing and Religion courses. 

Blair, tutor

Blair graduated from the Social Work program at Booth University College in 2018 and is returning to work part-time in the ALC. She is fantastic with any course work and assignments related to social work and is extremely helpful with following APA guidelines!

Chelsey, peer tutor

Chelsey is currently in the Psychology program here at Booth. She’s great with psychology-related content, general writing, and time management!

Erica, peer tutor

Erica is currently in the English & Film program and is a great extra set of eyes for your essays and assignments. She’s happy to help with English, Film and Intro to Christianity.

Michelle, peer tutor

Michelle is in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences. Having trouble with Statistics or any Psych-related content, Michelle is a great teacher of difficult concepts! She’s also willing to help you plan assignments and be a second set of eyes.