Academic Learning Centre

Academic Learning Centre


Our Academic Learning Centre is here to help. Please use the link below to schedule an appointment. From unlimited free tutoring to individual or group study sessions, our staff are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Located on the main floor of Booth University College in Room 115, the Academic Learning Centre is designed to equip students with the skills they need to perform well academically. We will work with you to improve your reading, writing, research, and study skills, regardless of your current skill level.

Our staff can help structure your semester, teach study strategies, provide time management tips, assist with advanced online research, and can offer support in developing reading and writing skills, effective note taking, correct bibliography formatting, and so much more. Whether you are struggling with a certain class or want to bump that B up to an A, support is always available to help you strengthen your academic skills and achieve your academic goals.


Our Academic Learning Centre tutors can help you improve your writing no matter what your current skill level. We are not an editing service. Rather, we will work with you to help you understand how to craft well-written, well-structured essays, so that you may carry those skills with you to future assignments.


Before you even begin your essay or project, you need a plan. Our tutors can help you create an effective research strategy, including: how to draft a compelling thesis statement, how to find relevant source materials, and how to lay out a convincing argument.


We have tutors who specialize in both the humanities and sciences. If you are having difficulty understanding your class materials, we will work through them together to make sure you leave with a better grasp of the information being presented to you. Stressed out by a big test? Let us help! We can help you come up with a strategy to study both efficiently and effectively.


The Academic Learning Centre will offer several skill-building workshops over the academic year. The topics of these workshops will include: research and writing, studying, and test-taking. Follow us on Facebook to receive updates on when and where these workshops will take place. The dates will also be posted on the Booth University College activities calendar, on our TV screens, and on posting boards around the university college. Details of our Essential Skills Workshop Series Fall 2016 are available here.

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The Academic Learning Centre will be available to provide study sessions for a number of courses this year. If you think you and your classmates would benefit from a guided study session, please let us know and we would be happy to organize one.


You are invited to email our office to schedule an appointment or add your name to the sign-up sheet that is located on the door of the Academic Learning Centre, Room 115.