What is the School for Continuing Studies?
The School for Continuing Studies (SCS) is Booth University College’s online education provider.

Who can participate in the SCS?
Although certain programs are designed for The Salvation Army personnel, many other programs and courses are available to the public at large.

What are online courses?
Online courses are entirely delivered online via the internet. This format allows you to access course resources from the comfort of your home within your own schedule.

Courses are 2, 3, or 6 credit hours.
The relative academic weight of a course is measured in credit hours. Credit hours are also used to measure progress towards graduation. When students pass a course, credit will be given for the number of credit hours assigned to a particular course. THREE credit hours are offered for ONE semester and SIX credit hours are offered over TWO semesters.

Tips to Succeed in an Online Course

    1. Confirm technical requirements: online classes can benefit students with busy schedules, but only if they can access the materials. Make sure before the course starts that your computer will work and that you know how to navigate the course site by completing a student tutorial.
    2. Create a schedule: as best as possible, establish a routine and avoid procrastination. You will need to set aside some time each day for completing the readings or activities for each week.
    3. Stay organized: students enrolled in traditional courses usually have a consistent schedule to follow each week, with in-class instruction followed by out-of-class assignments. For online courses, students have to find their own ways to stay on top of their work.

What are hybrid courses?
These courses are one semester in length with a one week intensive face-to-face period, preceded and followed by online components. Most courses are offered at the Winnipeg campus while a few are offered at other pre-arranged locations both throughout Canada and elsewhere.

When can I take online or hybrid courses at SCS?
September to December (Fall Semester)
January to April (Winter Semester)
May to August (Spring Semester)

July to October (Summer Semester)
December to March (Winter Semester)
April to July (Spring Semester)

What are the advantages of taking online courses?

  • You can work on your course at your own speed and whenever you want to, even on your lunch break! This greatly increases your productivity.
  • You can literally attend anywhere that you can go online.
  • You have direct, personal access to your instructor via e-mail and can share your ideas in a discussion.

What can I expect from a Program Coordinator?
The purpose of a program coordinator is to help you reach your educational goals, while also making sure that you understand the objectives and requirements of the program you are registered in. This includes:

  • Providing information related to programs, explaining courses, and admission procedures
  • Interpreting program requirements
  • Developing program completion plans
  • Updating on the semester progress

What is MyBoothOnline?
It is a learning management system that Booth UC uses for its online courses. It provides a set of online tools that you will use to access course materials, submit assignments and communicate with your instructor and fellow students.

How do I access and use MyBoothOnline?
Please see the Student Guide for MyBoothOnline.

What is the Student Portal?
It is an administrative tool used by students that contains information on courses offered, transcripts, billing statements, and timetables. It allows students to register for courses online and view their grades.

What technology do I need to access online courses?
Internet access is required. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are the preferred browsers for navigating in MyBoothOnline. Google Chrome will also work. If, however, you are experiencing difficulty using Internet Explorer or Chrome, we suggest that you try Mozilla Firefox. If you have difficulty accessing your online course, submitting your assignments, accessing your course materials, or emailing your instructor, please contact SCS student support.

Can I access my online courses when I am traveling?
Yes, having access to a web browser and email is all you need to access your course at any time and from anywhere that you have internet access.

Where do I find the courses you are offering?
Please see Upcoming Offerings.

Can I apply for a time extension?
Students who are not able to complete their work in time may apply for a time extension through their instructor. Students must apply by the deadline noted in the academic calendar. Students may apply for a time extension only when a major portion of the course work has been completed. The request must have the approval of the instructor before it will be processed further in the registrar’s office. Time extension fee: $50.00

May I audit a course?
Yes, a student may audit a course if the student pays the required fees, secures the instructor’s permission, and satisfies attendance requirements. The letters AU will appear on transcripts and permanent records as an indication that a course has been audited. Students who do not meet the attendance requirements for a course will not receive the AU designation.

How much does each course cost?

Please see Course Fees – Tuition

*Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.