About the School for Continuing Studies

About the School for Continuing Studies

The School for Continuing Studies is Booth University College’s online and distance education provider, offering online, hybrid, and intensive courses; certificate programs; and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies. While certain programs are designed for Salvation Army personnel, others cater to the public at large.


The CFOT exists to prepare, develop and inspire men and women in character and competency for Salvation Army officership.
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The School for Continuing Studies is a primary centre for the education and training of Salvation Army officers (post- CFOT) and Salvation Army staff and lay members. Our programs equip students to serve in corps appointments, leadership, chaplaincy, Kroc Centers, and more.


In 1989, Booth University College began to provide hybrid courses (combination of online and on-campus) in Winnipeg, Toronto, and St. John’s Newfoundland for The Salvation Army’s officer degree completion program.


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Expansion took place in 2000 with the establishment of new course offerings, including online courses, and a partnership with Simon Fraser University.

In 2005, the School for Continuing Studies expanded again to Salvation Army officers in South America by providing educational opportunities through intensives. An international distance education conference convened in Winnipeg in 2008 to explore how Booth University College could support learning opportunities beyond South America via distance learning and online courses.

2009 was the first year that extended learning was provided by a digital platform to all on-campus courses.


In April 2014, the School for Continuing Studies was officially launched. Booth University College is now well-positioned to develop new program offerings and online and hybrid courses to meet the education and training needs of The Salvation Army and the public at large. Through the School for Continuing Studies, “Education for a Better World” has no boundaries.