General Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)

General Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)

*Three-year degree program (90 credit hours)

Why Earn a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies?

“The world is changing rapidly. General Studies prepares you intellectually for a broad array of careers that need interdisciplinary graduates. Organizations and businesses trying to get an edge on the competition need people who can make sense of and challenge the existing complex systems all around us and become leaders who have the character and capacity to change the world.”
- Meagan Morash, Program Head of Bachelor of Arts in General Studies program
– Meagan Morash, General Studies Program Head

Are you exploring what career path to take? Are your interests so varied that you’d like to keep your options open? Choose the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in General Studies program at Booth University College and you’ll be selecting a flexible program in which you can create an individualized plan of study in multiple areas of interest. If you’re interested in a career such as a lawyer or teacher, and plan on applying to a professional program, the general studies bachelor degree will also help you meet a number of specific graduate program entry requirements.

A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is a degree that can position you for the future. You’ll have the freedom to explore courses beyond the core curriculum, focusing on subjects that interest you the most. The general studies program allows you to develop a personalized, multi-disciplinary course of study that specifically meets your needs and your career goals.