English and Film Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)

English and Film Studies Bachelor Degree (BA)

*Four-year degree program (120 credit hours)

Why Earn a Bachelor Degree in English and Film Studies?

“The English and Film program at Booth University College is diverse and exciting. Students will explore more in-depth the works they know and love – but they’re also introduced to new ones that will both inspire and challenge them.”

– Michael Boyce, PhD, Vice President Academic and Dean
Discovery Day Campus Visit Day Event

We hold a special event for high school students to experience what life as an English and Film Studies student is all about. Space is limited, so register early! Visit our English and Film Studies Discovery Day page for more information!

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Film Studies program at Booth University College is an interdisciplinary program that will unite your passion for film and theatre with your love for reading, writing and language. Naturally, you will devote a lot of time to reading texts and viewing films, writing about them, and discussing their meaning and importance. Your interest in culture and creativity will be brought to new levels as you explore a wide-range of texts in their cultural and historical context, from Shakespeare to science fiction and contemporary Hollywood to cutting-edge TV.

In the English and Film Studies bachelor program at Booth, you’ll develop insight into humanity as you learn to view the world around you with a broader, more informed perspective. Acquire the most sought after skills in today’s workplace as you learn to think critically, write and communicate effectively, and hone your ability to construct arguments, articulate ideas and explain complex concepts in clear terms. Develop excellent analytical and cognitive skills that will give you an edge in professions such as law, medicine, teaching or journalism. The benefits and opportunities of a bachelor degree in English and Film are abundant. Your degree will lay the foundation for many career paths, or if further education is desired, it can also prepare you for the demands of graduate studies.