Big Savings for the First 15

Big Savings for the First 15

Do you see yourself leading, managing and making a difference? If you’re driven to make a profit and make a difference at the same time, then Booth University College’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is for you. We offer:

  • Exclusive active learning meetings with Winnipeg business leaders
  • Exciting educational travel options
  • A unique Urban Service Learning program
  • The latest theories balanced with practice
  • Small class sizes
  • Regular one-on-one time with professors
  • Essential Public Relations and Fraud course components
  • No specific math requirement

Booth UC’s BBA is a generalist degree that offers students the opportunity to get a well-rounded education in business, rather than specializing in one specific area, which allows students to diversify their job options.


Booth UC has a number of financial awards available to students to assist with tuition costs, including a new incentive for the first 15 business students who are accepted by June 30th for the September admission:

  • First 15 Award: Receive $2,000 off your tuition if you are one of the first 15 business students who are accepted by June 30th for the September program.*
  • Merit Award: Receive another $2,000 off your tuition if your marks are 88% or higher (or $1,500 if your marks are 80% to 87% or $1,200 if your marks are 70% to 79%)
  • Program Award:  Receive an additional $2,000 if your marks are over 70%  and you are in the BBA program
  • Salvationist Students: click here for additional awards information.

If eligible for the maximum allowable amount for the above awards, you will receive $6,000 off your first year’s tuition, leaving you with only $1,800 in tuition fees remaining.

The First 15 Award only applies to your first year, however, if you maintain good marks, we will renew the Merit Award for a second year and we’ll renew the Program Award for a second, third and fourth year!

Visit our True Cost Calculator to estimate your tuition costs and financial aid eligibility.

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