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Announcing The Salvation Army Booth University College

(Winnipeg, June 17, 2010) – The Legislative Assembly of the Province of Manitoba has passed legislation changing the name of Booth College to The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College.  With royal assent, the new name becomes effective immediately.  In its day-to-day operations the institution will be known as The Salvation Army Booth University College or simply Booth University College.

The Salvation Army Booth University College was established in 1982 as Catherine Booth Bible College and was renamed William and Catherine Booth College in 1997.  The current amendment to the institution’s act of incorporation was sponsored as a private member’s bill by Mr. Doug Martindale, MLA for Burrows, who has a long history of active support for Booth University College.

The new name recognizes the changes that the institution has undergone over the past three years as it has implemented a new vision, revised its core curriculum, developed new degree programs, and hired new faculty. 

Dr. Donald Burke, President of Booth University College, observes that, “This new name clarifies that the mission of Booth is to offer university-level programs.  As a Christian university college, Booth will continue to offer university education that engages the whole student.”

Booth University College operates on a campus in downtown Winnipeg and provides distance learning to Salvation Army personnel in 32 countries.

As a Christian University College sponsored by The Salvation Army, Booth brings together faith, rigorous scholarship and a passion for service.  Booth University College educates students to understand the complexities of our world, to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be active contributors to society, and to know how to bring hope, social justice and mercy into our world.

An official launch of Booth University College is being planned for the fall.

For more information contact:

Peggy Whitbread,
Office of the President
Booth University College,
447 Webb Place
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 2P2
Phone: (204) 924-4868


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