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School for Continuing Studies

Letters of Permission

Booth College students admitted to a program and desiring to take courses at other educational institutions to be transferred into their Booth College program must complete the Request for Letter of Permission form. The form must have signed approval from the Program Head/Director. Courses taken by Letter of Permission will be entered on student records by course name and grade, and calculated into CGPA’s at Booth College. Students in a Certificate program may take 6 credit hours of electives by Letter of Permission from an accredited college or university.

Students must ensure that official transcripts for courses taken by Letter of Permission are filed with the Booth College Registrar. Applicants for graduation are to ensure that the final grade for a Letter of Permission course is received by the Booth College Registrar on or before the final day of Winter Semester Examinations of the anticipated graduation year. The course work for a Letter of Permission distance education course must be complete and be submitted to the receiving institution by March 1st of the anticipated graduation year.

All grades recorded on a Booth College student’s permanent record will match the Booth College grading system. When a grade report for a student taking a course at another institution on a Booth College Letter of Permission contains a grade that does not correspond to our grading system, that grade shall be changed to reflect a letter grade used by Booth College. For example, a grade of A- would be recorded on a student’s Booth College permanent record as A, B- as a B, C- as an C, D+ as a D, etc.

Booth College students whose program requires that they take courses by Letter of Permission, or through Booth College’s Extended Learning Network, and who carry 9 or more credit hours during a given semester will be classified as full-time Booth College students for the semester, with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining thereto.


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