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General Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is a three-year generalist degree which is designed to give the student a basic university level qualification without a particular disciplinary major. This is an interdisciplinary degree comprised of 90 credits of study wwith latitude in selection of courses beyond the core curriculum.

If your interests are varied and you like keeping your options open, a BA in General studies is a degree that can position you for the future.

There are plenty of opportunities in the world for generalists with a passion for learning anda desire to put their knowledge into action. A three-year general studies degree from Boothprovides a sound foundation in the arts and sciences. On your way to a well-rounded education,you’ll have the freedom to explore courses beyond the core curriculum. By focusingon subjects that interest you, you’ll expand your horizons and create a starting-point for acareer search or future study.A broad-based BA in general studies will give you an appreciation for the world’s immensediversity. Integrated with a Christian worldview, your knowledge and insight will allow fora deeper understanding of the human condition. It is from this perspective that you canbuild a lifetime of volunteer or professional service helping make the world a better place.

What can I do when I graduate?

Many career paths requires a college or university degree as a pre-requisite for application. Entry level positions in business, banking, retail management, and the social science are but a few places a General Studies graduate might find employment.For those who want to enhance their career prospects by further study, the General Studies degree makes a great foundation for an after-degree in education, the study of law and other career paths that are open to graduates with a three-year degree. Others may elect to top up a General Studies degree with one or two years of pre-masters work in order to enter a Master’s program. Planning is important and a good relationship with your advisor is key to reaching your employment goals.


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