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Behavioural Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Booth University College.  This course of study combines both Psychology and Sociology. The integration of these separate areas of study gives students the advantage of viewing the human condition from multiple perspectives.  From the Psychological perspective, students examine intra-personal aspects of human behavior from the structure and development of Personality to what constitutes a mental disorder. From the Sociological perspective, students examine how people are shaped by social behaviour from the effects of globalization and social institutions to the interaction between small groups and the socialization of the self. Students of the Behavioral Sciences program gain a unique perspective of the human condition, incorporating an understanding of the person as an individual and social agent in society.

The Behavioural Sciences faculty seeks to enhance students’ understanding of, and commitment to, the socially disadvantaged and to enable students to become effective agents of transformation consistent with a Christian worldview.  We do this by developing critical thinking about change, encouraging student research, offering internships, and promoting an understanding of social forces, human physiology and development, diversity, and social institutions.  Through disciplined scholarship, effective teaching, and experiential education, we prepare our students to not only competently interpret individual, local, national, and global patterns of change, but also to effectively engage in social change for people’s benefit.

Why study Behavioural Sciences?

People are complex.  They interact in complex ways.  If we desire to live in a civilized and respectful world, then the Behavioral Sciences are indispensable tools for enabling us to transform this desire into reality. Students of the Behavioral Sciences place themselves in the unique position of gaining real understanding of how and why people and societies behave the way they do, and how to integrate this with faith from a Christian worldview.   This major offers students the real opportunity to contribute to meaningful and positive change. Some of the benefits students of the Behavioral Sciences gain are:

  • A greater appreciation and understanding of cultural and personal differences between societies and persons
  • The ability to communicate well in written reports and visual presentations
  • The ability to research and critically evaluate information for relevance, bias, and limitations
  • Useful information and tools for personal and societal change
  • The acquisition of research skills, attitudes, and knowledge which is applicable to a very wide range of fields of human endeavor

What can I do when I graduate?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences equips students for employment in diverse areas such as:

  • Management and administration occupations
  • Personnel, training, and labor relations fields
  • Human resources
  • Non profit work of many types
  • Marketing, real-estate, and sales occupations
  • Entry into post-degree programs (e.g., education)
  • Entry into graduate school (e.g., interdisciplinary studies, political science, and  law)
“My time at Booth University College gave me a genuine desire to improve my life in all areas:  academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  In the beginning, I had no idea where I was heading, but I trusted that the professors would help me, and they did!  I loved how small the class sizes were compared to other larger university classes of 250 students.  Booth University College is where I can speak freely about my faith, serve people with passion, and show hope that the world needs.  I strongly recommend Booth University College to friends and family!”

-Elissa Nasikapow ‘10

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