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Salvation Army Partners

The Salvation Army College For Officer Training (CFOT) Canada and Bermuda Territory

In September 2000 Booth College and the Colleges for Officer Training in the Canada and Bermuda Territory formed a partnership to strengthen officer preparation and continuing education in the Canada and Bermuda 9 Territory. In 2005, The Salvation Army opened a new Training College in Winnipeg in close proximity to Booth University College. CFOT Winnipeg and Booth University College cooperate to deliver an undergraduate program to cadets. 

College For Officer Training - Canada

The Salvation Army Ethics Centre

The mission of The Salvation Army Ethics Centre is to study, proclaim and practice ethics with the highest possible degree of expertise and contemporary relevance. Located in Winnipeg, the Ethics Centre is a resource to Salvationists and others across Canada and around the world. The Centre offers workshops, seminars and individualized consultation in the area of ethics. It has an active program of research and publication and maintains a library of resource materials on a wide range of ethical issues. These resources are available to all students of Booth University College.

The Salvation Army Ethics Centre

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