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Board of Trustees


The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College (Booth University College) was incorporated by an act of the Legislature of the Province of Manitoba in 1983.

The University College is governed by a Board of Trustees that was established in the act of incorporation and that is appointed by the Governing Council of The Salvation Army in Canada.

The Board of Trustees delegates to the President responsibility for the effective achievement of the ends that are established by the Board.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Booth University College is appointed by the Governing Council of The Salvation Army in Canada and acts as an independent body with responsibility for the governance of the University College. The Board members are:

Chair - Colonel Glen Shepherd (Montreal, QC)
Vice-Chair - Colonel Mark Tillsley (Toronto, ON)
2nd Vice-Chair – Mr. Greg Reid (Winnipeg, MB)
Treasurer - Lt-Colonel Lee Graves (Toronto, ON)
Executive Secretary – Lt. Col. Jamie Braund (Toronto, ON)
Member – Ms. Ivy Burt (St. John's, NL)
Member – Ms. Debra Carew (Toronto, ON)
Member - Linda J. Colwell (Ottawa, ON)
Member - Major Dr. Dawn Howse (St. John’s, NL)
Member  - Dr. Norman Hunter (Winnipeg, MB)
Member – Dr. Jeremy Mills (Selby, ON)

Policy Governance Description

The Board of Trustees has adopted the Carver Policy Governance ® model. Under this model, a clear line is drawn between governance and operations. The Board has responsibility for the establishment of the ends to be achieved and overall responsibility for the organization. The Board delegates to the President the achievement of the Board-established ends within the limitations established by the Board. The Board operates according to a set of policies that it adopts. Included in the Board policies is a series of “Executive Limitations” which establish boundaries for the President’s management of the University College.

More information regarding the Policy Governance model may be obtained at

Board Policies

GP-5 Chief Governance Officer's Role_sep_2011.pdf34.29 KB
GP-5-1 Board Officers' Roles_sep_2011.pdf40.35 KB
GP-6 Board Members' Code of Conduct_sep_2011.pdf37.66 KB
GP-7 Board Committee Principles_sep_2011.pdf38.3 KB
GP-8 Board Committee Structure_sep_2011.pdf48.78 KB
GP-9 Cost of Governance_sep_2011.pdf32.91 KB
GP-10 Board of Trustees Terms of Service_sep_2011.pdf29.83 KB
E-1 Ends Policy_sep_2012.pdf36.34 KB
Executive Limitations EL-1 Global Executive Constraint_sep_2012.pdf31.36 KB
Executive Limitations EL-2 Treatment of Students SEP_2012.pdf31.73 KB
Executive Limitations EL-3 Treatment of Employees & Volunteers SEP_2012.pdf35.62 KB
Executive Limitations EL-4 Financial Planning/Budgeting SEP_2012.pdf32.57 KB
Executive Limitations EL-5 Financial Condition and Activities SEP_2012.pdf35.56 KB
Executive Limitations EL-6 Interim President Succession SEP_2012.pdf30.22 KB
Executive Limitations EL-7 Asset Protection & Risk Management SEP_2012.pdf35.84 KB
Executive Limitations EL-8 Compensation & Benefits SEP_2012.pdf33.12 KB
Executive Limitations EL-9 Communication & Support to the Board SEP_2012.pdf36.25 KB
Executive Limitations EL-10 ENDS Focus of Grants, Contracts & Other Agreements SEP_2012.pdf29.01 KB
Board-President Linkage BPL-1 Global Governance-Management APR_2012.pdf27.18 KB
Board-President Linkage BPL-2 Unity of Control APR_2012.pdf28.67 KB
Board-President Linkage BPL-4 Delegation to the President APR_2012.pdf31.36 KB
Board-President Linkage BPL-5 Monitoring President Performance APR_2012.pdf40.25 KB
Board-President Linkage BPL-6 President Evaluation Process APR_2012.pdf34.3 KB
accountability_of_presidentapril2013.pdf66.33 KB
annual_governance_and_agenda_planningapril2013.pdf74.98 KB
board_job_descriptionapril2013.pdf72.7 KB
global_governance_commitmentapril2013.pdf79.26 KB
governing_style_april2013.pdf71.77 KB

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